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Why getting your dog excited may affect your training session

“Rover, come!” shouted in a high pitch excited voice is likely to get a faster and more enthusiastic response than the same words expressed in a monotone, low key fashion. Most trainers rely at least at certain times, on how

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The top 10 blogs you’ve liked in 2014

Another year has just gone by! I don’t know about you, but it feels like no matter how much I get accomplished, that to-do list just keeps on going. But before we take on a new year, let’s take a

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When science and dog training come together – SPARCS 2014

Dog lovers from all walks of life are often convinced that they have a fairly strong understanding of dog behavior. From the dog guardians to the dog professionals, most feel confident about interpreting canine behavior and are quick at dispensing

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Is your body language helping or confusing your animal?

Humans and their pets understand one another on many basic levels. We can even extend this statement and recognize that we are capable of a certain level of interpretation of the intentions of wild species. We can identify most expressions

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Dog play, fun and seriously therapeutic

Butts up in the air, after a quick play bow, the dogs take off running, barking, jumping, chasing, growling, stalking and mouthing. Dogs having a good time playing together are quite a spectacle to watch! They can go from stalking

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How Do Dogs Think? The Scientific Revolution in Dog Intelligence

When I first started to study dogs from a scientific perspective, finding research on canine behavior was a long and difficult task. It wasn’t just because at the time we didn’t have Internet and most of the publications had to

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Generalization in dogs and humans – the difference is in the brain

My dog sits perfectly during the training sessions, but looks at me with a blank stare when I ask her to sit when we’re in the park. Why is it that dogs can’t figure out that ‘sit’ in my house

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Animal Emotions – the driving force behind our dog’s behaviors

As an animal lover it’s hard to imagine that, despite Darwin’s claims in 1872, it’s only until very recently that most people considered humans as the only emotional species on the planet. We’re living in very exciting times, an actual

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Could we soon have a conversation with our dog?

As dog lovers it’s quite obvious that we communicate with our dogs. At the very least, they react to our body language and emotions in ways that indicate they understand our intentions and moods. How much and what we actually

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Blah, blah, blah… Do dogs understand anything we say?

‘Do you want to go out for a walk?’ ‘Sit, sit, sit, I know you know how to do this, SIT, good boy, good doggy’. ‘Did you take my shoe? Rover, fess up! I know you did it!’ ‘Stop jumping

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