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Win a Pet Tutor® for your Hero!

QUEST: To leave no stone unturned, to search the universe and reveal the most deserving “Hero to the Animals” by New Years Day.  WHEN: NOW until New Year’s Eve Midnight (Eastern Standard Time) Who: A hardworking, dedicated, talented, selfless person

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Can Diabetes Alert Dogs Really Detect Low Glucose Levels?

People are familiar with service dogs and there is general awe regarding a dog’s ability to help humans. Diabetes Alert Dogs (DADs) have become very popular over the past few years and there has been much press regarding their ability

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Why getting your dog excited may affect your training session

“Rover, come!” shouted in a high pitch excited voice is likely to get a faster and more enthusiastic response than the same words expressed in a monotone, low key fashion. Most trainers rely at least at certain times, on how

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Service dogs: The fabulous, the faulty and the fake

One in 5 people suffer from a disability according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Many can’t hear or see well enough to safely function on their own,  can’t pick up an object, make a call in case of emergency, open

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