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Dog play, fun and seriously therapeutic

Butts up in the air, after a quick play bow, the dogs take off running, barking, jumping, chasing, growling, stalking and mouthing. Dogs having a good time playing together are quite a spectacle to watch! They can go from stalking

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New study sheds light on serious to fatal dog bites

The bond between man and dog goes far back in the history of mankind and countless studies point to the benefits of owning a dog. Yet, there are times where the relationship between the two species takes a turn for

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When is controlling our dog too controlling?

When teachers, psychologists and parents are asked which methods are more acceptable when teaching our children, they consistently prefer a positive-reinforcement based approach over the use of punishment. A punitive approach to behavior is not only less effective, but it

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Dogs and children: so similar, yet so different

Whether humans or animals we’re stuck in our own reality. How we experience the world is always through our own perspective. Because we’re curious beings or just trying to survive, we naturally put effort in trying to understand the world

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