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10 steps to getting a great dog from the shelter

I train service dogs for a living. Where do I get my dogs? From the local shelters! 100% of the dogs that we train and place as service dogs come predominantly from the local Humane Societies and rescue groups and have

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Animal Madness – A review of Laurel Braitman’s insightful new book

“Given my choice, I would almost always choose to be a feral dog. Maybe you don’t live as long, maybe you don’t have shots, maybe you have mange, but I would choose that in a hot second over waiting for

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Dog play, fun and seriously therapeutic

Butts up in the air, after a quick play bow, the dogs take off running, barking, jumping, chasing, growling, stalking and mouthing. Dogs having a good time playing together are quite a spectacle to watch! They can go from stalking

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Thanks for Giving – to all the shelter and rescue workers

An estimated 3-4 million cats and dogs are put to death in the US alone (according to the APPA statistics). That’s a fantastic decrease from to 12-20 million that were euthanized in the 70s, especially since the overall number of

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Surviving our dog’s adolescence

When we bring a new puppy home, we expect to teach her the basics of potty training, bite inhibition and general good manners around the house. We hopefully make sure to socialize her, and do our best to get her

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When the dog/human bond breaks down…What can we do?

With about 62% of households in the US owning a pet and over $55.53 billion spent every year, clearly Americans have proven their love for animals. Dogs and cats of course hold a very special place in our hearts with

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