Win a Pet Tutor® for your Hero!

QUEST: To leave no stone unturned, to search the universe and reveal the most deserving “Hero to the Animals” by New Years Day. 

WHEN: NOW until New Year’s Eve Midnight (Eastern Standard Time)

Who: A hardworking, dedicated, talented, selfless person devoted to changing the lives of animals, qualifies for this contest.

How: Nominate a deserving friend and make sure you tag them in your nomination


Prize: Pet Tutor® System, a Pet Tunes, and Ultra Calm Collar.

We believe you our readers know better than us, who the unsung hero’s of the animal world are and what makes them heroic.

~Did they write a book about positive training?

~Are they an advocate of abused animals?

~Perhaps they have a you tube channel about positive reinforcement training?

~Maybe they teach and inspire new trainers to a whole new level of training?

~Or are they quietly one by one fostering and helping dogs find their forever homes?

~Do they volunteer their time, day after day at a local shelter?

~Did they lead by example and teach you about positive reinforcement training?

~Changed your life by helping your dog with separation anxiety?

~Is canine body language their expertise and changed the way you understand body language?

Win a Pet Tutor® for your "Hero to the Animals"

Win a Pet Tutor® for your “Hero to the Animals”

We are so blessed all year round to work with not only the best trainers in the world but the unsung hero’s too. Please help us shine the light on all the hero’s serving animals.

NOTE: A huge thanks to all of you for your support during the year!  You make it possible to bring smart technology for positive training to the world.

Pet Tutor®  “Positively the most intelligent way to train and entertain your pet!”

Happy New Year from The Pet Tutor Team!






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