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Social referencing: we influence how our dog sees the world

When we’re unsure about a novel situation, our first response is to look around and check how others are reacting. This behavior is easy to spot when watching hidden camera TV shows where a person faced with an ambiguous situation

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Treated fear can return – even to the next generation

As I have mentioned in a few other posts, the vast majority of behaviors that we deem problematic in our dogs, such as, barking, biting, lunging, destruction, separation anxiety or resource guarding, stem from the dog’s fear, anxiety or panic.

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Generalization in dogs and humans – the difference is in the brain

My dog sits perfectly during the training sessions, but looks at me with a blank stare when I ask her to sit when we’re in the park. Why is it that dogs can’t figure out that ‘sit’ in my house

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Animal Training Is About Animal Welfare

In a world where everything must be cheap, quick and easy, we look for the best deal and for the cheapest and fastest ways to fill our needs. We’re not just shaped by culture and industrialization. In fact, the reason

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Animal training, craft or applied science?

‘Let me start by saying that you’re looking at one lucky SOB! Said Bob Bailey in front of a crowd of dog professionals eager to learn from one of the most accomplished animal trainers in the world. A mind always

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Bob Bailey : Don’t settle for ‘good enough’

Animals are always learning. The animals we know today are the fruit of millions of years of evolution and have been learning by consequence all this time. They continuously put things together, draw conclusions and figure out how to avoid

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Animal Emotions – the driving force behind our dog’s behaviors

As an animal lover it’s hard to imagine that, despite Darwin’s claims in 1872, it’s only until very recently that most people considered humans as the only emotional species on the planet. We’re living in very exciting times, an actual

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Surviving our dog’s adolescence

When we bring a new puppy home, we expect to teach her the basics of potty training, bite inhibition and general good manners around the house. We hopefully make sure to socialize her, and do our best to get her

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Walking the dog has big impact!

As Dr. Oz says, let’s go out for a half hour walk every day. It helps with our blood circulation, muscle development and general well being. Walking also produces endorphins, which help us feel good and alleviate stress. But instead

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Roughhousing with dogs, rules and consequences

How fun it is to roughhouse with a dog! They love it, are always willing and happy to oblige and both human and dog are up for a great time. Although men are generally more inclined to such playful activities,

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