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Smaller dogs, bigger problems?

From Rin tin tin to Lassie, Benjie and Beethoven, medium to large dogs have dominated the Hollywood scenes, the TV shows as well as our homes. Often statements of prosperity, leadership and strength, dogs convey a certain image we have

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Treated fear can return – even to the next generation

As I have mentioned in a few other posts, the vast majority of behaviors that we deem problematic in our dogs, such as, barking, biting, lunging, destruction, separation anxiety or resource guarding, stem from the dog’s fear, anxiety or panic.

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New study sheds light on serious to fatal dog bites

The bond between man and dog goes far back in the history of mankind and countless studies point to the benefits of owning a dog. Yet, there are times where the relationship between the two species takes a turn for

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Surviving our dog’s adolescence

When we bring a new puppy home, we expect to teach her the basics of potty training, bite inhibition and general good manners around the house. We hopefully make sure to socialize her, and do our best to get her

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What happens to fear if left untreated?

Barking, lunging, bolting, running away, tucking their tail, avoiding, etc. Dogs have many ways to express their fear. How we react in return will often determine whether they get over it or whether it gets worse. Some fears can be

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