Keys to Success for Travel Anywhere with Your Dog

Introduction: Please welcome our guest blogger, Bonnie Joy Dewkett.   Recently team PET TUTOR® attended a conference called BlogPaws. We met Bonnie who was a speaker and invited her to be our first guest blogger. Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® is a nationally recognized organizing expert, author, motivational speaker, and internet radio personality  Please visit her at

Traveling with Toto

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.44.03 PM (1) I take my dog everywhere.  Most people take their dog in the car with them once in a while.  My dog is with me more often than not.  She only gets left home when I work with clients in their homes or offices.  And, when it’s going to be a long day she goes to “Grandpa’s Doggie Day Care.” Here are some of my tips for running, traveling and having a great time with your dog, on the go.

It’s important to me that Roxy is always comfortable and safe so there are a few things I did to make sure we are safe travelers.

The first thing I did to make travel easy I designated a bag just for Roxy’s gear.  I keep it ready to go at all times.  It has a travel doggie bowl (plastic collapsible kind), a travel food bag, first aid supplies, a first aid bandana (for instructions), an extra leash, treats and toys.

I put a small inexpensive measuring cup inside it so I have no problems measuring out food when the time comes.  In order to be able to feed her on the go I have another collapsible bowl.

I also threw in some waste disposal bags.  Rest stops all have different types of rules.  Never knowing what I’m going to encounter, I wanted to be prepared.

If you can purchase an extra, it’s also a great idea to have a tick removal kit with you at all times.  I got tired of having to wing it on the go, so I bought a second for the car.

While we have been able to stay at some of our old hotels, we have had to find some new ones that take dogs without a large extra fee.  Visit this dog travel website to find the best places to stay with your pooch.

There are lots of books available about traveling with your dog.  It’s worth it to pick one up.  I also learned a lot about restaurants that allow you to sit on their porch with your dog, hiking trails and even places that are 100% pet friendly.

Knowing your dog, how they react to being on the road and if they like to travel can be a really important part of summer travel. Just understanding their anxiety level and how they adapt to change, strangers and heat can be valuable information.

Running Or Hiking With Your Dog

Nothing can be more rewarding and motivating than taking your furry best friend out on the trail with you. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure everyone is safe, happy, and healthy along the way.


The first thing to keep in mind is the regulations of the park you are entering. Some parks, especially National Parks, don’t allow pets. Others require a specific length leash. Call ahead to avoid disappointment upon arrival.

Keep Calm

Make sure you can easily control your dog on the trail. A waist leash allows you to hook your pet around your waist. This keeps your hands free, and even if your dog is pulling, you remain stable. If you know your dog lunges at wildlife, be prepared if you are in the woods.

Start Slowly

Even though your dog will probably seem as if they have endless energy, break them into running or hiking with you, just the way you would start a new workout routine. Check them for signs of fatigue or dehydration. Also, check their paws for sore spots, or open cuts, as these could lead to infection.

Backpack It

K9EssentialsHaving your dog wear a specifically designed K9 backpack may seem silly to you. However, your dog has energy to burn and they can go almost twice the distance you can (on average). Putting a backpack on them lets them know it’s time to work. It also makes the hike or run just a little bit more challenging for them. More importantly, your dog can carry their own water and first aid kit on their back. Your dog can carry up to one third of their body weight.


Just like you carry a water bottle, make sure to carry a hydration system for your dog. Disposable and collapsible bowls are great options for on the go hydration. However, it’s important to make sure your dog is familiar with the system before you leave the house. Don’t test things out on the trail.

Other Supplies

Keep your dog energized on the trail. If you are going to be out for a long period of time, bring treats or food with you. Just as you might have a granola bar on the go, they may need a little energy source as well. Waste bags are also necessary, as many parks require you to clean up after your pet. Even if they don’t it is a common courtesy to keep parks beautiful.

First Aid

Every pet owner should have an understanding of pet first aid. If you’re going to be running or hiking with your pup make sure you can perform basic procedures on the go. A small pet first aid kit is a good idea to have with you at all times.

Not only is being active with your dog a great way to keep them in shape, it’s a great excuse to spend a little more time out there, getting fit!

Travel tips with your pets

Updated ID- Check your pets ID tags and Microchip information to ensure they are updated with a current cell phone number. Also, add a second tag that has the address and phone number of where you will be staying when you are traveling.

Play it Safe-Just in case the worst happens and you have to take your pet to the vet while you are traveling, you want to make sure you have all pertinent information such as important medical history and vaccination records.

Pack a Bag-Make sure to bring everything your pet may need including an extra leash, their favorite toy, any needed medication, and plenty of food. You don’t want to risk the local pet store not caring the needed things to keep your pup happy! If you have a sensitive pet, you should also pack a couple of containers of your local water since some pets will resist drinking water that tastes different from what they are use too.

guestblogHome away from Home-When you arrive at your destination, give your pet time to adjust to his new surroundings. Take him on a walk. Put his things out. Hang out as he gets use to all of the different sounds and smells. This will help him feel relaxed and calm when you do have to leave him alone.

Before you take a big trip with your pet, go for some smaller trial runs. Stay over at friends’ houses to even rent a hotel room close to home. This will give you both practice and will make sure you know exactly what you need to have on hand. This will also decrease your pet’s anxiety about new people and places.

Have a favorite tip to share? Post it in the comments below!

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