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Smart Animal Training Systems was started by Wes Anderson, engineer and dog expert, to support the world of positive animal training through the use of smart technologies. Because I’m a scientist and behaviorisIMG_2318t, Wes asked me to write for this blog, and help develop a portal for discussions within the dog community and the broader animal training field. Together our goal is to bring forth and analyze the latest advances and challenges in the field of animal behavior and training. If you’re a trainer, we’ll also share how we believe technology can help you develop a more successful and profitable business while providing additional help to your clients. If you’re a pet parent and dog enthusiast, you’ll find information and tools that may interest, challenge or intrigue you. Today’s science and understanding of the dog’s mind, coupled with modern technology can lead us into new ways of helping dogs and their humans live together.

As we progress in this journey together, we’ll invite guest writers to share their views with us and welcome any comments, suggestions or questions from our readers.

Jennifer Cattet, Ph.D.


Jennifer Cattet Ph.D. has been working with dogs for over 30 years, as an ethologist with the University of Geneva (Switzerland), a trainer and a behaviorist (in both Europe and the US). As Director of Training for a service dog organization in the U.S, she supervised and taught offenders in the training of service dogs. Today she's the owner of Medical Mutts (MedicalMutts.com), a company dedicated in the training of rescue dogs as service dogs for conditions such as diabetes, seizures, PTSD, autism, etc. She's also part of a research team working on understanding the ability of dogs to detect changes in blood glucose levels through scent. Jennifer also works with Smart Animal Training System on the promotion of reward based training and the development of technology to support it (SmartAnimalTraining.com).

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  1. Wes Anderson says:

    We are excited by what modern science offers in the field of animal training and feel the time is here to explore how that technology can be used in a reward based (positive) training paradigm. Welcome all to our window into the future of animal training! -Wes

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