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Fear, Fireworks & Neuroplasticity: What you should never do when your dog is afraid

Modern dog training recognizes that many of our dog’s problematic behaviors are the expression of an underlying fear. When Fido is scared, he’s going to automatically flee, freeze or fight depending on whether he’s dealing with another dog, a person

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Keys to Success for Travel Anywhere with Your Dog

Introduction: Please welcome our guest blogger, Bonnie Joy Dewkett.   Recently team PET TUTOR® attended a conference called BlogPaws. We met Bonnie who was a speaker and invited her to be our first guest blogger. Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® is

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Positive Reinforcement Goes High Tech

In the past few decades, we’ve become accustomed to regular advances in technology. We’ve seen computers evolve from gigantic information processors to easy to use personal laptops. Phones were once bulky rotary appliances stuck to our kitchen walls. Today all

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