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10 steps to getting a great dog from the shelter

I train service dogs for a living. Where do I get my dogs? From the local shelters! 100% of the dogs that we train and place as service dogs come predominantly from the local Humane Societies and rescue groups and have

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Why do some dogs have separation anxiety when others don’t?

Since dogs are social animals, they love to stay connected to others. It shouldn’t be a surprise to us then that when they’re left alone, many become quite anxious and long for our return. But for some dogs, being alone

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Animal Madness – A review of Laurel Braitman’s insightful new book

“Given my choice, I would almost always choose to be a feral dog. Maybe you don’t live as long, maybe you don’t have shots, maybe you have mange, but I would choose that in a hot second over waiting for

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