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Thanks for Giving – to all the shelter and rescue workers

An estimated 3-4 million cats and dogs are put to death in the US alone (according to the APPA statistics). That’s a fantastic decrease from to 12-20 million that were euthanized in the 70s, especially since the overall number of

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When is controlling our dog too controlling?

When teachers, psychologists and parents are asked which methods are more acceptable when teaching our children, they consistently prefer a positive-reinforcement based approach over the use of punishment. A punitive approach to behavior is not only less effective, but it

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs – A Consultant’s High Tech Toolkit

Dogs are social creatures and fit naturally into our human society because they are biologically driven to form bonds with others. They love being in our company and are always happy when we give them attention, play time, or a

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Animal Training Is About Animal Welfare

In a world where everything must be cheap, quick and easy, we look for the best deal and for the cheapest and fastest ways to fill our needs. We’re not just shaped by culture and industrialization. In fact, the reason

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