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The challenges of the modern dog trainer – APDT 2013

Is there any other profession that requires such a diversity of talents as dog trainer ? We become a dog trainer because of our passion for dogs, but the reality can be very different than the expectations. As a dog

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Pet Tutor® at APDT – New technology boosting the trainer’s potential to help dogs

After unveiling Pet Tutor® for the very first time at the APDT conference in Spokane, WA, I can’t help but look back to the almost 30 years that I have worked with dogs and think of how dog training has evolved.

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The Matching Law, Key To Dog Behavior

What makes us chose between watching our favorite TV show and writing the paper due in a couple of weeks? Why do we opt to walk our dog instead of making that important phone call to a difficult client? Why

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Animal training, craft or applied science?

‘Let me start by saying that you’re looking at one lucky SOB! Said Bob Bailey in front of a crowd of dog professionals eager to learn from one of the most accomplished animal trainers in the world. A mind always

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