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Pet Tutor® – Smart Technology for Positive Training

As seen at the APDT Conference 2013 in Spokane,WA From phone apps to tracking systems or food dispensers, over the past decade, technology has gradually made its way into the world of dog training. There was a time where most

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Bob Bailey : Don’t settle for ‘good enough’

Animals are always learning. The animals we know today are the fruit of millions of years of evolution and have been learning by consequence all this time. They continuously put things together, draw conclusions and figure out how to avoid

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Animal Emotions – the driving force behind our dog’s behaviors

As an animal lover it’s hard to imagine that, despite Darwin’s claims in 1872, it’s only until very recently that most people considered humans as the only emotional species on the planet. We’re living in very exciting times, an actual

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Surviving our dog’s adolescence

When we bring a new puppy home, we expect to teach her the basics of potty training, bite inhibition and general good manners around the house. We hopefully make sure to socialize her, and do our best to get her

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Walking the dog has big impact!

As Dr. Oz says, let’s go out for a half hour walk every day. It helps with our blood circulation, muscle development and general well being. Walking also produces endorphins, which help us feel good and alleviate stress. But instead

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