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August 26th – It’s National Dog Day!

We’ve shared our life with dogs for several thousands of years.  Dogs keep us company, make us laugh and comfort us when we’re having a bad day.  They help us feel safe in our homes, save our lives by finding

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Impulse control – the 6 keys to teaching dogs calm and polite behavior

We all know dogs that jump on people, push them out of their way to get through doors, rush their way in and out of the car or the crate and up and down the stairs. Dogs can be impatient

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Roughhousing with dogs, rules and consequences

How fun it is to roughhouse with a dog! They love it, are always willing and happy to oblige and both human and dog are up for a great time. Although men are generally more inclined to such playful activities,

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Dogs learn best with treats. What about horses?

Most dog trainers today understand the value of using treats. Dogs are more focused, learn faster, are more motivated and the results speak for themselves. If personal experience isn’t enough, a recent study even confirmed that dogs worked better for

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What happens to fear if left untreated?

Barking, lunging, bolting, running away, tucking their tail, avoiding, etc. Dogs have many ways to express their fear. How we react in return will often determine whether they get over it or whether it gets worse. Some fears can be

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