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Is your body language helping or confusing your animal?

Dog and person silhouette

Humans and their pets understand one another on many basic levels. We can even extend this statement and recognize that we are capable of a certain level of interpretation of the intentions of wild species. We can identify most expressions

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Behavior momentum: increasing efficiency in training

Woman with Cavalier

Regardless of what species we’re referring to, whether human, dog, horse, dolphin or bird, when teaching something new, the easier we can make the training session, the better the results. If a dog or a child feels successful, their desire

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Learning theory basics – Part 2: Operant conditioning: if it works do it again!

High five

Just waking up from a nap, the 2 month old puppy is now replenished and full of energy. Since he’s locked up in a crate, little Jake starts vocalizing and scratching at the door. Thankfully, Coleen, hearing her pup in

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The Matching Law, Key To Dog Behavior


What makes us chose between watching our favorite TV show and writing the paper due in a couple of weeks? Why do we opt to walk our dog instead of making that important phone call to a difficult client? Why

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Animal training, craft or applied science?

dog training

‘Let me start by saying that you’re looking at one lucky SOB! Said Bob Bailey in front of a crowd of dog professionals eager to learn from one of the most accomplished animal trainers in the world. A mind always

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The Genius of Dogs: Heralds New Era in Dog Cognition Research

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I just finished reading Brian Hare’s and Vanessa Woods’ book, The Genius of Dogs. I was anxious to get my hands on this book and was looking forward to learning about the latest studies on dog cognition. I had also

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Our Dogs Need Trainers and Vets Collaborating


According to Fatzò & al. (2006), when faced with behavior issues with Rex or Fido, most owners will first and above all, talk to their veterinarian during routine visits. Veterinarians are often the first pet professional to hear about the

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What’s this blog about?


Smart Animal Training Systems was started by Wes Anderson, engineer and dog expert, to support the world of positive animal training through the use of smart technologies. Because I’m a scientist and behaviorist, Wes asked me to write for this

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