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One comment on “Contact Us
  1. Marti Wiseman says:

    Hi Wes!

    I am working on putting together a demo-day for local trainers in my Pittsburgh area who are interested in the Pet Tutor but not sure they see just how incredibly more powerful and useful it is than a Manners Minder.

    I wrote to you a day or two about wishing that there was a larger 360-degree bright light that would flash (and work like the beep options) for deaf dogs.

    Two of my trainer friends have written that they can’t use the Manners Minder because the beeps terrify dogs who were poorly trained with an eCollar or electric fence.

    I would LOVE it if they could use a remote trainer that had a light that was large enough and bright enough that the dog could activate the remote in a toy and be able to easily notice the PT flashing to signal a treat dispense!

    OOOOOOOHHHHHH the possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!

    I still haven’t figured out how to load the software to get my PT dispensing treats automatically (printed out instructions and the help guide, but haven’t been able to get my computer synced.) I definitely want to do that before I hold my demo, as that is SUCH an awesomely powerful function!!

    (Also, do you have an email address where I can write to you directly, by any chance?)



    Marti Wiseman, MSEd
    Director, Leadership and Staff Development

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