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Positive Reinforcement Goes High Tech


In the past few decades, we’ve become accustomed to regular advances in technology. We’ve seen computers evolve from gigantic information processors to easy to use personal laptops. Phones were once bulky rotary appliances stuck to our kitchen walls. Today all

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Understanding and stopping our dog from jumping on us

jumping dog

Dogs naturally want to jump on us as soon as we walk through the door. It doesn’t matter that we’re in sweat pants or dressed up for a special occasion. For Fido, that’s just how you say “Hello! I’m so

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There are 3 Es in modern dog training: Efficacy, Efficiency and Ethics

Dog training

As trainers, we talk to dog guardians all the time. They come to us with questions and concerns about their dog and our job is to help them work out the best approach to their canine’s needs. Many have been

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Service dogs: The fabulous, the faulty and the fake

Bella - Medical Mutts

One in 5 people suffer from a disability according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Many can’t hear or see well enough to safely function on their own,  can’t pick up an object, make a call in case of emergency, open

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Dog Training: Praise or Treats?

standing dog

While we understand that good behavior should be rewarded if we want the dog to repeat it, there are different opinions about how and how much we should reward our pooches. We might consider that a “good boy!” is a

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Dog play: what’s the purpose?

dog playing in snow

While most species gradually stop playing as they grow into adulthood, our beloved pooches never seem to stop playing no matter how old they are. My 10 year old German Shepherd, Nala, still reacts like a puppy when an opportunity

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The top 10 blogs you’ve liked in 2014


Another year has just gone by! I don’t know about you, but it feels like no matter how much I get accomplished, that to-do list just keeps on going. But before we take on a new year, let’s take a

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I’m a woman and I love dogs – am I neurotic?

happy woman with dog

One out of five women score high in neuroticism. Anxiety, fear, worry, envy, frustration, jealousy, moodiness, anger and depression characterize people who score high in this personality dimension. They are more easily stressed out, have a higher tendency to being

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Calming signals- Are they truly signals or calming?

shetland play bow

Calming signals is a term brought forth by Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas (2005) to describe behaviors that dogs display when trying to calm down a situation. In animals living in groups, it’s important to have ways of communication that

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2014 – The first Pet Technology Conference

Pet Tech Conference 2014

Just 10 years ago, who would of thought we could hold an entire conference on technology in the pet industry? We have crossed the Rubicon earlier this month in Silicon Valley, home of many of the largest technology corporations. Innovations

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