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The Easy Way to Keep Dogs Active and Engaged

If you’ve ever taught your dog to do anything – from a basic “sit” to running an agility course – you’ve probably noticed how much they enjoy it. Is it because of the tasty reward they earn? Well, partly. After

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Breaking News: Dogs Say “No Thanks” To Rest and Relaxation

Modern family life can be a bit harried so it may come as a surprise that many of our dogs are actually bored stiff. Luckily, helping dogs find enough to do has never been easier.   If the advertisements that we’re

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Goals for Successful Dog Training

Set Your Goals for Successful Dog Training Does your dog have some behaviors that you’d like to improve on? Would you like to increase your own skills as a trainer to help your dog’s long term behavior? With both New

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Helping Your Dog Cope

Helping Your Dog Cope with Holiday Space Invaders The holidays present unique challenges for families with dogs. Whether you are hosting guests or visiting relatives over the holiday season, there are always issues and stresses that can affect your family

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Stress-Free Travel with Your Dog!

10 Tips for Stress-Free Travel with Your Dog! by Colleen Demling  Before You Go Do a Dry Run– You may want your dog to join you on your next vacation but your dog might not feel the same. Stay a

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Training a reliable recall

If you build it, they will come: Training a reliable recall Kathy Sdao, Associate CAAB Ask dog trainers to name the most essential behavior a dog should learn; most are likely to answer, “a reliable recall.” Coming when called —

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From Auspicious Beginnings to a Hard-won Solution – Malena DeMartini

From Auspicious Beginnings to a Hard-won Solution – Malena DeMartini My second client ever (circa 2001) was a separation anxiety case. The dog’s name was Guinness, like the beer, and his guardians had found him sickly and tattered, scavenging for

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